Custom SCR

Custom Swim Cycle Run was started by combining a wealth of experience in the customised clothing and merchandising business along with life-long passion for swimming, cycling and running sports. We have designed an extensive range of products and aim to become the leading supplier within the UK in 2011.

Custom SCR strives to achieve two main goals:

1. To supply teams and clubs with exceptionally high performance training and racing garments. In addition to our very successful cycling and running ranges, CustomSCR also  handles all of the Zone3 customised Triathlon orders. Zone3 is a new British brand which also emphasises the importance of high quality and superior performance. We feel we are the only suppliers who can offer this type of product range and service. We want to help give teams’ uncompromised performance, great value and an impressive visual identity.

2. To offer event organisers and sponsors a wide range of sports-specific promotional merchandise which would be of genuine use to the customer. We have created a wide range of unique SCR specific products all which can be fully customised. If your customer continues to use your branded product, then this is an ideal marketing tool for your company. They will advertise your brand to other athletes, spark conversation about the race and of course help ensure that your customers keep coming back year after year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.