Event Merchandise

The Custom SCR team are made up of athletes who have been competing in Swimming, Cycling, Running, Triathlon and Pentathlon events for many years now. Independently we have travelled all over the country and to many different countries to represent ourselves, our clubs/teams or country.

Nine times out of ten we are disappointed by the items in the race ‘goody bags’. We have received so many ‘standard’ products over the years that pretty much every item now gets thrown straight to the bottom of a draw/back of a wardrobe or in the bin.

We have therefore created as many products as possible which we believe would be of genuine use to the athlete. If the athlete continues to use your branded product, then this is the perfect marketing tool for your company. They will advertise your brand to other athletes, spark conversation about the race and of course help ensure that your customers keep coming back year after year.

Races aren’t cheap these days. We think putting a little extra effort into the ‘give-aways’ can have a really positive effect on your customers overall race satisfaction. So, please browse the products below. The majority of the products are available for inclusion in your company’s merchandise and not just for race give-aways.

This is just a small range of the possible products, so if you have any particular ideas then please do not hesitate to get in touch.